President Message for Members Of AOP GUJARAT by Dr. Hiren Patel (President AOP GUJARAT 2020)

Dr. Hiren Patel - APOG President 2020
Dr. Hiren Patel – APOG President 2020

This is the first time I am here to address you as your state office bearer

Taking charge at the highest post of AOP GUJARAT, is proud moment for any member and it’s true for Me too – I feel privileged and honoured today…

A person like me from a small city from a small district branch of Gujarat achieved this honour only due to my well wisher seniors , friends in AOP Gujarat Who have faith in me and each and every member from my North Gujarat  Zone.

Thank you  everyone and it’s promise that you won’t be disappointed

I am aware of my responsibility towards our academy.
I assure you a year full of academic activities.

I am not a man of loud speeches
I believe in working with 100 % dedication with all positivity .
And I have started working for it long back

Several presidential action plans which is named as “AOPG CONCVLAVE 2020” are finalised  for the coming  year.

One is for Non communicable disease , another for Protocol based practice
And to plan out these projects, I have got good support from Incoming AOPG secretary Dr. Manish Mehta and seniors like Dr. Rajubhai,  Dr. Abhaybhai, Dr. Digantbhai And many other friends.

I have also planned actively working with Govt of Gujarat for Adolescent health and Immunization
And had talk with UNICEF to work on issues of child health

Along with these , we have social responsibilities AND planned to start a campaign – “FIRST AID MUST IN SCHOOLS”

I would try to restart our old projects like INTACT, PARVAH, BRIDGE etc
I have a plan to increase involvement of Medical college Teachers and PG students in IAP activities and will start PG teaching workshops or Research Methodology workshops for them.
I had discussion with Dr Yogesh Parikh who will be next AOPG president in 2021 and we agreed upon various academic projects as joint action plans for next two years which will give continuity and effectiveness .

There was a burning problem of revival of PSSS scheme of AOPG in last few years and now glad to inform you all that issue is resolved and will be functional soon . And I confirm my full support to the scheme

As an organisation AOP GUJARAT is still not having perfect structured constitution and require rectification and giving good shape ..

Therefore I want to prepare SOP Book which will be provided to each branch and organisers of AOPG activities/events.. so that uniform protocol is followed all over the State

At last , I would conclude my long speech in a few words:

એક ગુજરાતી શાયરે લખ્યું છે :
મૌન ધરીને પણ ઘણું બધુ કહેવાઈ જાય છે, આમેય શબ્દો માં કાયમ ઘણું રહી જાય છે.

Thank you very much
Have a great time ahead