Dr. Nishchal Bhatt – Immediate Past President, AOP Gujarat,2018.

Dear Fellow Pediatric Academy Members Greetings from World Heritage City, Ahmedabad.

“If we keep on believing the dreams we wish, will come true.”

Year 2018 has just ended . These 365 days, starting from GIAPCON 2017 to GIAPCON 2018, had been a dream run for me as President AOP Gujarat. Accomplished many things, created new relationships & got opportunities to meet new people from all walks of life.

AOP Gujarat in association with AOP Ahmedabad has organized 2 National conferences (NCPID 2018 & GDBPCON 2018) in the gap of one month. Both were equally appreciated by the Participating Faculties & delegates.

Government Of Gujarat Gave an appreciation award to AOP Gujarat for “Outstanding Support” during MEASLES RUBELLA Vaccination Campaign in presence of Health Commissioner Dr.Jayanti S. Ravi in a function at Gandhinagar. This award is an award to all of us. Thank you so much for supporting this movement in the year 2018.

We have completed 20 SAKSHAM Programs across Gujarat. 10 PARVAH workshops are also done. 3 ToTs of IMPACT have created a pool of 75 trained Pediatricians for spreading this message to remaining friends across length & breath of Gujarat. INTACT Project is also going on at full swing, will be completed soon.

When I took over charge as President AOP Gujarat , apart from Academics, Administrations & Advocacy , I always wanted to do for the better Work-Life Management of our Pediatrician friends and their Family. After considering many options we had chosen a “Spiritual experience with Brahma Kumari Sister Shivaniji” . The program was named as “ Best Ever Prescription for DOCTORS” . And that program was a BIG hit. More then 1100 allopathic doctors (including pediatricians) & their spouses attended the program and appreciated fully.

For all these marathon programs, I have received excellent support from whole AOP Gujarat TEAM. Starting from Dr. Kiran Shah, Dr. Bharat Prajapti, Dr.Bankim Parikh as well as all EC Members . I thank each and every one from Bottom of my heart. I also would like to thank Dr.MitulJasani, coordinator of INTACT & IMPACT for his support and enthusiastic work for these projects. Dr.Chetan Trivedi has worked very hard for editing these bulletins.

Here I cannot forget to thank Government OF Gujarat (Department of Family Welfare) & UNICEF, Gujarat. Their logistic & financial support all through the year was outstanding and AOP Gujarat has really worked in synergy to create true Public-Private-Partnerships.

GIAPCON 2018 was A grand success. I also extend my complete & whole hearted support to Dr.Bankim Parikh, President 2019 & the new AOP Gujarat team.

Let me end my message by a question to all.

“How are you making a difference in the world TODAY? Your Thoughts, Words and Deeds mater.”

Thank you so much. Regards.
Dr. Nishchal Bhatt
Immediate Past President, AOP Gujarat,2018.